TSA Crisis Management is an arm of the Oppidan Group dedicated to dealing with crisis management and issues management for companies, other organizations and individuals.  Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we work across the nation.

TSA stands for Thomas S. Andrzejewski,  longtime journalist and public relations counselor.  As a former award-winning investigative reporter, he knows the media from the inside. Decision makers have availed themselves of his experience, skills and knowledge to guide them in dealing with situations and issues ranging from litigation to media exposés, from public issues to internal strife.



 to media exposès, from public disputes to internal strife.


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FACT: Businesses and organizations are vulnerable to many types of crises, not just disasters but events such as scurrilous litigation, employee misconduct or adversarial attacks. They all need a plan to leap into action and avoid or minimize damage.

TIP: Before crisis strikes, have TSA assess the vulnerability of your organization and provide you with steps you need to take.

 Founded 1988