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Why contact the Oppidan Group?

Media inquiries or need for positive exposure

The media can be your friends. That call from a reporter can be an opportunity—if handled properly.             

Pre-empting or countering negative publicity, elimination of “digital dirt”

Not being treated fairly in print, on the air or online? Get your side of the story told.

Difficulties with political or community issues

Government officials and community activists can be your allies when you work out concerns.

Turnaround communications, including Chapter 11 reorganizations

In turnarounds, executives should be working on saving a company while professionals handle communications to ease the process. Pre-petition planning is essential.

Civil/criminal litigation

Litigation, whichever side you are on, is a crisis. Jump ahead and put your communications in order early.

Environmental and other regulatory matters

While legal counsel, engineers, scientists or economists work on details, the company needs a public face.

Employee misconduct

Appropriate, timely communications help reduce internal and external turmoil and build trust.

Competitor attacks

Sources of defamation need to be countered quickly with reasoned, credible responses that get attention.

Need for precision editorial services or substantive editing

Before you go live with that Web site or publish that sensitive white paper, the language should be clear and flawless.

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